Caught in the middle

Am sure everybody had been in this situation. Dont lie! Yeah normally happen to those who haf many close ppl around them. Haha u say im bragging, i say hey! Its a good thing! When u need someone to talk to, u dun haf to scroll down your cntct nmbr from ur hp to find who u cn trust.. With dis lots of close fren, they will come out right up on ur mind. Kaaaan? Nama pn close fren mesti lah they will always on ur mind dat might not b forgotten kn? Its a great thing rite? Im fabulous! *feeling kimora lee gitew*

Okay about this caught in the middle thingy, yeahh its actually 1 of the hardest thing happen to u that u cant even think of the solution right away. Or sometimes they will dissapear just by this magical spell- FORGOTTEN.

Well good relationship wont be good at all time, but good relationship will last... As long as we know how to appreciate it :) yeah! Glory glory!!

I love you guys... For being always there for me, although sometimes u might get upset by me... Well dats normal cycle of life kan? I love u more than u do... U know who u are girl... i love u my future life partner... I love my current near-close girlss... And of cos, lots of love to my understanding and lovely family..

Lots lots lots lots of love

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riaizzatirazali said...

fuiyo gambar i ada! dua! hikhikhik! i lebiu u tu n x merajuk daah hahahha!